Sustainable Blue Atlantic Salmon

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Product name: Atlantic Salmon
Scientific name: Salmo salar       
Supplier(s): Sustainable Blue
Size: 1 lb (16oz) & 1/2 lb (8oz)
Method: Land-based recirculating aquaculture
Location: Centre Burlington, NS
Certifications: OceanWise

Main characteristics:

Due to its delicate flavour Atlantic salmon is a popular fish that can be prepared in a variety of ways – from raw, to herb crusted, to maple and soy-sauce glazed. It has a firmer flesh that will naturally vary in colour from a light pink to deep orange. Because of the pristine conditions in which Sustainable Blue salmon are raised, and natural feed, they pack a flavour that will parallel a wild Atlantic salmon.

Health benefits + nutrition facts:

Atlantic salmon is rich in essential omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA. EPA and DHA are credited with health benefits such as decreasing inflammation, lowering blood pressure, and improving the function of the cells that line arteries. Salmon is also rich in protein – a 3.5 oz. serving can contain upwards of 24 grams of protein! Salmon is also high in B vitamins, which help turn food into energy and create and repair DNA. Finally, salmon is a good source of potassium, selenium, and antioxidants.


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