Himalayan Salt Heart Shaped Holder

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  • When the salt candle holder is lit, it releases negative ions in your space, which uplifts your mood, reduces anxiety and helps purify the air in your home.

  • Provides a nice ambiance for any room. And gives your home a soft glow and a warm feeling.

  • They are used as creative decorations for your home, you can put anything you want in them; sage sticks, palo santo sticks, tealight candles and more. 

  • By offering a soothing glow, it helps to destress and improve the quality of your sleep. It's highly recommended to turn off electronics and relax before bed in the amber glow. 

Additional information:

  • Types of candles for the holders: Tealight candles 

  • Each Himalayan Salt holder is unique and different in size.

  • Approximate weight is 2 pounds

Himalayan salt candle holder care:

  • Never wash the candle holders under running water as it can melt the salt. If your candle holders get dirty, wipe them carefully with a damp clot


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