Hamburger | Grass-Fed

Hamburger | Grass-Fed

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1lb of Grass-Fed Beef from Local Valley Beef
The fencing and watering systems are run on a solar system that encompasses 100 acres of strategically planted grass that creates a healthy, stress free environment for the cattle. It’s getting back to a natural and fulfilling way of life
Local Valley Beef cattle remain on pasture all year long and are not fattened on grain. Research has show that that grass-fattened cattle produce a lean beef with enhanced flavor, OMEGA-3 fatty acids, CLAs and anti-oxidants,all good healthy stuff. To get healthy gains on our grass-finished animals, we must keep fresh grass in front of them ALL THE TIME


Ordering is super easy, any questions were answered quickly, and pick up was smooth. Love our first box, and even better when we support local businesses! Thank you!!!!

Jamie E

Excellent customer service, and such fresh product!

Kasey L