Californian Classic Sage & Palo Santo

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 4" White Californian sage and Palo Santo Stick, ethically sourced

Each bundle is hand crafted and wrapped with love. They help you relax, reset and re-energize. 

Using Sage and Palo Santo Sticks together can be even more powerful. They're both used to cleanse out negative energy from your home and provide more positivity into your life. Simply start by setting an intention in mind that you wish to manifest.  Light the Sage or palo santo stick, then gently blow out the flame. Purify a room by guiding the smoke in every corner & cleanse yourself by letting the smoke circulate around your body.

Have a Sageful Experience!


Ordering is super easy, any questions were answered quickly, and pick up was smooth. Love our first box, and even better when we support local businesses! Thank you!!!!

Jamie E

Excellent customer service, and such fresh product!

Kasey L