Cashew Lemon Rounds (4pk)


Odd Ball Snacks

These coconut cashew bars are healthy, delicious, and perfect for snacking post-lunch or dinner! Whether you're vegan, or simply looking for a healthy snack or low sugar treat, we've got you covered. Super high in fiber and potassium! We added a little twist and topped our bars with a home-made lemon almond icing!

Pack of 4

Allergy Information: Dairy-Free, Gluten-Friendly, High Protein, Low Sugar.

Nutritional Facts (per round 41g): 159 Cals, Fat 8g (10%), Carbs 24g (9%), Fiber 3g (10%), Protein 3g, Iron 11%, Potassium 5%

Storage: Freezer/Fridge.

HOW TO SNACK: Anywhere and everywhere! Enjoy however you like.